KAHI LOA massage with the 7 Elements

Kahi Loa has been called "Magic Hands". Kahi Loa is a little known, but, very powerfull ancient vibrational energy modality which was preserved by Native Hawai'ians, primarily from the Islands of Linai and Kauai.

This incredibly gentle modality is very connected with the Elements as they occur within tradicional Hawai'ian spiritual culture. It's roots are in Ancient Shamanic Practices of Polynesia. Kahi Loa's purpose is to promote the free abundant flow of life force in the recipient. It is a very effective way to bring about relaxation and assist the body's natural ability to heal. While simple in nature, Kahi Loa contains depths that can produce profound and long lasting effects on the body, mind and energy of the recipient.

Touch seems to be an almost forgotten language even though it is the oldest form of healing known to mankind. The sense of touch and feeling was the earliest to evolve in humans and is responsible for the development of our basic human qualities.

The loving touch is the key ingredient in effective Kahi Loa, combined with the proper intent, deep focus, a calm, peaceful and safe environment, and enhanced with meditative music, the effects can be extremely powerful.Recipients may feel deeply relaxed and truly loved by nature and their Higher Self. It is allways a highly individual and uniquely personal experience.

Kahi Loa is very well suited for work with babies, those who are recovering from injuries and elders who often are quite fragile and for whom a traditional massage and hands-on treatment is not comfortable.

Approx. 60 mins

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