Massage for expectant mothers

Everyone needs loving touches, security, and warmth. This is especially true for expectant mothers and their babies. Massaging expectant mothers and their babies has a long history and is considered a common and natural treatment with proven healing properties in various cultures. In India and Oceania it has long been used to harmonise the body, the soul and the spirit and to enhance the harmony between mother and baby. Experience shows that a great number of expectant mothers struggle with backaches and pain in their legs, which takes away from the joy mother and baby deduct from the unique and unrepeatable experience of pregnancy. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to soothe their pain by loosening the body and the muscles. The massage is performed in the most optimal position for mother and baby, with the expectant mother lying on her side.

„As a mother, I am familiar with the fears, longings, anxieties, and desires women feel during pregnancy and after giving birth. This awareness gives me the firm belief that it is inevitable to foster the sensation of well-being, harmony, relaxation and happiness in both the mother and the baby through a gentle and loving massage.”

The following massages can be choosen:

Lomi Lomi Nui

Oil massage performed on a futon or a massage table, approx. 90 mins.

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