INKA massage

INKA massage is a special combination of massage techniques from the Far-East, relaxing, recharging, detoxifying, cleansing the physical, the mental, as well as the spiritual  body. It is a very efficient method to reduce physical and spiritual problems.

Following tailor-made prescriptions, it assists you in finding the road to follow in order for you lead a more harmonic and happier life. It fills you with joy and happiness and you will reenter the outside world feeling energised again. The soothing effect is intensified by the touch, the love, the music, the scents and the soft light. The massage is also recommended as a preventive measure, since everyone has muscle nodes, stiff muscles and energy blocks in their bodies, even if they go unnoticed. The treatment involves the gentle loosening of joints as well.

Oil massage performed on a futon, 90-120 mins.

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