Lomi Lomi Nui massage and bodywork,
Ensuring a free energy flow

Lomi Lomi Nui (the art of the healing touch) is a sacred Polynesian art form that helps us return to, "the lost paradise", our original harmonious states. It is a healing massage that originates in Hawaii and is based on ancient, ritual-like motions. Its objective is to enable us to reach a state of physical, mental and spiritual cleansing and healing.

Its efficiency in relieving stress and eliminating old body patterns embedded in tension is evident in its use in "transition rituals" - the moment of entering a new life phase. In ancient Hawaii, people would turn to the massage therapist/healer (Kahuna Lapa'au) before entering a new, significant life phase or event to relieve their fears, tensions and egocentric perceptions with help of the massage. A successful massage would uproot and overhaul their old personalities and the life situations created by them. Old patterns were replaced by consciously selected new ones. The treatment links the individual and the divine element, often blocked by fears, old habits and beliefs, but present within each of us.  Lomi Lomi Nui gives us access to our genetic memory, the knowledge previously gathered by our ancestors. It is a path to return to the original harmonious state, access higher information, and find a way back to our soul.

Aloha in Hawaiian means: be happy and share the joy of life with others.

Oil massage performed on a massage table, 80-120 mins.

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